Choice is good.

Millions of Americans don't have energy choices—they are forced to use the only energy company in their area and pay whatever high prices are charged. In Ohio, you do have a choice and that means multiple energy companies are competing for your business. We're Duke Energy Retail and we intend to make it easy for you to make the right energy choice for your home.

Three Minutes to Savings

If you have three minutes, you can start saving on your energy costs.

Step 1:
Grab a copy of your most recent utility bill.
Step 2:
Enroll Online or call 1-877-331-3045
Step 3:
Start saving

Why choose Duke Energy Retail?

Fixed rates, Bundles and More.

We purchase energy in bulk when market prices are at their lowest and then we pass that savings on to you with low fixed rates that most companies just can't beat. Plus, we offer bundled discounts for combining electric with natural gas (where available).

Stable pricing = Control.

Low fixed pricing means you're immune to sudden price increases. Stable pricing gives you more control over your household budget and ensures you're getting a great value every month.

We make the right choice easy sm

Our easy, risk-free enrollment takes a couple of minutes and has no sign-up fees and no surprises. We make the right choice easy sm.